Computer Eye Strain

When I use a near device I get:

  • Tired Eyes
  • Headaches
  • Blurred Vision
  • Double Vision
  • A “Pulling” Sensation
  • Pressure Behind Eyes


of Adults experience eye strain regularly


of Americans use a computer at work

If you’re like most Americans you use a computer throughout the day at work. While computers are great, our eyes were not designed to look at them all day and most of us get asthenopia, or eye strain. Fortunately, new specialty computer lenses and blue light coatings have solved most of the eye strain complaints we encounter each day. To learn more about what causes eye strain, take a look at the list below. Then, make an appointment with us and we’ll find a solution that relieves your eye strain so that you can perform your best at work.

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Common Causes


Cause: The lens inside our eye becomes tired from overuse, a condition called Accommodative Insufficiency

Solution: Special lenses designed for prolonged computer use paired with a blue light blocking Anti-Reflective coating.


Cause: The intraocular lens used to focus at near stops working, usually around age 40

Solution: Progressive lenses, computer lenses, near lenses, multifocal contact lenses, and many others!


Cause: The eye is too short from front to back making vision out of focus.

Solution: Glasses and contact lenses correct hyperopia well.

Eye Alignment

Cause: The eyes turn in too much (esophoria) or not enough (exophoria) requiring you to work harder to maintain eye alignment.

Solution: Glasses with prism, reading glasses, or vision therapy can help address these issues.


Cause: The shape of the front of the eye is not perfectly spherical.

Solution: Glasses and contact lenses correct astigmatism well. There are many contact lens options for astigmatism.