Dr. Montgomery


Meet Dr. Canaan Montgomery. Being a fifth-generation Paducah native, Canaan and his family have deep roots within the community. A graduate of Heath High School, he attended Murray State University for his undergraduate education, where he majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry. After graduating with honors from Murray State, Canaan began his optometric education at Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN. While at SCO, Canaan was the recipient of the Kentucky Optometric Association scholarship, the Outstanding Clinician Award, and was a member of the BSK Honors Society. During his time in Memphis, he authored a case study on Torpedo Maculopathy, a rare childhood retina condition. He served his internships at The Eye Center in Memphis, TN, Oliver Eye Associates in Rock Hill, SC, and Bennett and Bloom Eye Centers in Louisville, KY. He graduated Cum Laude with his Doctor of Optometry degree.

Dr. Montgomery’s training in eye care has emphasized management of ocular disease, pediatric vision and development, and specialty contact lens management.

Canaan met his wife, Rebecca, while at Murray State. They married in 2011 and currently live in Southern Illinois with their dog and two cats. In his free time, Canaan enjoys playing guitar, cooking, tennis, and mountain biking.


Undergraduate: Murray State University, BS Cum Laude

Optometry School: Southern College of Optometry, Doctor of Optometry Cum Laude

Internships: The Eye Center, Oliver Eye Associates, Bennett and Bloom Eye Centers

Professional Affiliations

American Optometrist Association (AOA)

Kentucky Optometric Association (KOA)

American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control (AAOMC)

College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD)


Rebecca Montgomery- Back Office

Rebecca, originally from Metropolis, Illinois, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Murray State University in 2010, where she majored in marketing and management. After spending a year in marketing and advertising, she married Canaan and moved to Memphis, TN where she found her passion for fashion eyewear. She quickly became optical manager at a large four-doctor practice. After spending several years at this post, she furthered her ophthalmic education at a high-end optical boutique in South Carolina and a large multi-doctor practice in Louisville.

Rebecca works behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly and ensure that you have the best experience possible!

In her free time, Rebecca enjoys reading, shopping, gardening, and spending time with her family.



Tiffany Reynolds, CPO- Doctor’s Assistant & Ortho-K Coordinator

As a doctor’s assistant, you will most likely be spending a few minutes with Tiffany before you see Dr. Montgomery. Tiffany is a Certified Paraoptometric (CPO) and specializes in taking detailed images and scans of your eye, performing visual field testing, and ensuring your chart is up-to-date and accurate. She also coordinates our Ortho-K program, ensuring that every patient receives the best care possible. Tiffany’s caring and compassionate personality is what we value the most, as it helps us deliver exceptional eye care to our patients! If you ever have questions about your vision or your exam, Tiffany will spend time with you to help answer your questions.

Originally from Eddyville, Tiffany now lives in Paducah with her husband, Deke and son, Lucas. In her free time she likes to spend time with family, read, and cheer on UK basketball.


Kim Leidecker- Front Desk Coordinator

As our Front Desk Coordinator, Kim is usually the first smiling face you’ll see when you walk through our doors. Kim will assist you with scheduling your appointments, verifying your insurance coverage, and picking the perfect pair of glasses! Kim’s outgoing and laid back personality makes her the perfect person to assist our new patients. She also has a great sense of humor that keeps us laughing all day!

Kim lives in Graves County with her husband, Steve. They are starting a new adventure soon as they begin building their forever home in Boaz. In her free time, she loves traveling, shopping and spending time with friends and family. She has a son and two step-daughters and she may not look old enough, but she has 5 precious little ones who call her “Grammy”. If you happen to see a super fun Fiat around town, it’s probably Kim!


Lauren May, CPO- Vision Therapist and Insurance Coordinator

Lauren is our primary Vision Therapist. She works one-on-one with our VT patients to teach them eye coordination, focusing, and eye movements that make them a better reader, student, and athlete! Lauren is a Certified Paraoptometric (CPO) and has a Bachelor’s degree from Murray State University in Psychology and has a background in Behavioral Therapy. Her attention to detail and compassionate personality are what make her such a great therapist! Lauren also coordinates our medical insurance, ensuring that all of our patients’ claims are handled in a timely manner.

Lauren lives in Smithland and enjoys spending time with her husband, Jordan.



Jessica Gong, Certified Optician- Optician

Meet our newest team member, Jessica! Jessica is a licensed optician with over 15 years of experience in the field of opticianry. We truly value Jessica’s experience, especially when it comes to helping you pick the perfect frame and lens combination…she has great taste! Jessica also cares very much about addressing your personal vision complaints, which makes her a great fit in our office. Jessica’s lives in Graves County with her husband, Kevin and her son, Xavier. In her free time, Jessica enjoys shopping, spending time with her son, and listening to her husband’s band play.



At West End Eye Care, we widely embrace new technology. Advances in technology have entirely changed that way that we practice medicine, just as the internet has changed the way we connect to our world. But our investment into technology is not just progress for the sake of progress. This technology helps us to detect disease and disorders earlier, provide better treatment options, and increase your access to integrated healthcare through Electronic Medical Records. Most importantly, it ensures that you will receive the best eye care available!.



Fundus PhotographyFundus Photography

Our retinal camera can take high-definition images of the inside of your eye. This allows us to document eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy and monitor for changes over time!




OCT photoOptical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

OCT imaging has revolutionized the entire field of medical eye care. Similar to an MRI, this instrument takes detailed images of your cornea, retina, and optic nerve and creates a 3-D model that the doctor can manipulate. This not only gives us a better idea of the extent of an eye disease, but also gives us tools to measure the size, shape, and thickness of these structures which helps us to monitor very subtle changes in eye disease.



The iWellness scan is a brand new technology that utilizes the OCT instrument to scan and measure a specific layer of the retina called the Ganglion Cell Complex (GCC). Thinning of the GCC is the first sign of glaucoma and can occur years before other clinical signs. We offer this screening scan to all patients during their yearly exam to detect early signs of these blinding eye diseases.



Medmont photoCorneal Topography

Our Medmont E300 Corneal Topographer is the most powerful machine on the market for fitting custom-designed contact lenses. By measuring over 10,000 data points on the surface of your eye, it recreates a detailed, 3-D image of the surface of your eye so that custom-made contact lenses can be designed for each patient. This technology allows us to fit precisely designed lenses like Ortho-K retainer molds, scleral lenses, and Rigid Gas Permeable lenses. This technology allows us to put virtually anyone in contact lenses, including those with corneal diseases like keratoconus and post-surgical patients!


Autolensmeter photoAutolensometry

Our digital lensometer takes accurate measurements of your glasses to determine the type and power of your existing glasses. This helps us to compare your new glasses prescriptions with your older glasses and make adjustments as needed.

The lensometer sends your prescription to our exam room, so Dr. Montgomery can show you the difference between your old glasses and your new glasses prescription!




Fully Automated Exam Room

Our entire office is designed to create a seamless experience from start to finish, and that includes our exam room. Our phoropter (the ‘better 1 or 2 machine’) sets itself to your current glasses prescription automatically and receives data from our other instruments to help Dr. Montgomery ensure that your prescription is perfect. Our distance and near eye charts are fully digital, giving us excellent contrast and simulating real-world computer and smart phone use. Our Slitlamp microscope streams a live-video feed to a monitor in the room so that patients can see exactly what Dr. Montgomery sees inside their eyes!

From start to finish, our technology provides our patients with the best eye care available!