Eye Pain

I'm experiencing symptoms of:

  • Eye pain
  • Foreign-body sensation
  • Light sensitivity
  • Redness
  • Pressure around eyes
  • Discharge

Please Note: If you are experiencing pain orĀ  have suffered an eye injury we want to see you right away. Please call our office and we will make a same-day appointment. If our office is closed, you can find our after hours emergency number on our voicemail or you should seek care at the Emergency Room.

The front of the eye, called to cornea, is one of the most sensitive parts of the entire body. It is laced with highly-sensitive nerves that elicit pain when touched or injured. Eye pain can be caused by a wide range of issues from infection to injury. We’ve listed a few common causes below. If you’re experiencing eye pain, please call our office and we will make a same-day appointment so that we can address the underyling issue and get you feeling better.


Common Causes

Corneal Abrasion

Cause: An injury to the clear tissue on the surface of the eye. This often causes significant pain and light sensitivity

Solution: The cornea is self-healing, but we often need to create a good environment for healing, including antibiotics, bandage contact lenses, and amniotic membrane allografts.


Cause: Inflammation or infection of the front of the eye (cornea). Often from contact lens overwear, chronic dryness, or other sources of infection.

Solution: We must treat the underlying issue. In infections, this often requires antibiotic or antiviral medication.


Cause: Inflammation inside the eye caused by injury, systemic autoimmune disease, or unknown reasons.

Solution: Treatment with steroids usually resolves Uveitis. We often run screening tests to rule out autoimmune diseases when uveitis is recurrent.

Dry Eye

Cause: Tears are not being produced or are evaporating quickly off the eye, leaving the cornea dry and damaged.

Solution: There are numerous solutions for dry eye, both with and without the use of eye drops. Determining the underlying cause of dryness helps determine the treatment.

Angle Closure

Cause: The eye is filled with a liquid called aqueous. When Angle Closure occurs, the aqueous cannot drain from the eye and the intraocular pressure increases.

Solution: We use a wide range of medicines and techniques to quickly lower the eye pressure in office. A simple in-office laser procedure can prevent Angle Closure from recurring.