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Change the Way You Look

Your glasses are an expression of your style and your personality. That’s why we hand pick each and every frame that we sell. Our selection of designer frames ranges from classy and elegant to fun and care-free looks. With designer lines like Tiffany, Jimmy Choo, and Tory Burch, you’re sure to find your next style in our optical! Click the photo above to shop our entire collection from home with our Virtual Try On!

Change the Way You See

These are not your grandpa’s glasses! Advances in digital surfacing has brought about incredible new lenses for every lifestyle. From those who work on computers all day to those who only occasionally glance at their phone, their are numerous customizable options to help you perform your best in life. To find out more about some of the lenses we use, click the photo above or read more below!

Select Your Lens Need to Learn More

Single Vision lenses are designed to give you clear, crisp vision when looking at distant objects. In order to get the best vision from your prescription, there are three lens considerations:

1. Lens Material: Different types of plastic have different levels of clarity, distortion, and impact resistance.

2. Digital Lenses: Certain prescriptions can benefit from digitally surfaced lenses, which help reduce distortions and improve clarity.

3. Custom Lens Measurements: The most critical part of glasses fitting is taking appropriate measurements like Optical Center, Pupillary Distance, Pantoscopic Tilt, and Vertex Distance.

Our licensed opticians will help you make the right choice for lenses that will give you the best vision possible and take all the necessary measurements so that your glasses are custom-made to your specific needs.

Computer lenses are uniquely designed to meet the needs of those who work on screens throughout the day. Some lenses are designed exclusively for screen use while others allow you to see your workspace around you without removing the lenses. A few of the different types of computer lenses are:

1. Hoya iD Space: Designed for those who work on a computer but also need to get up and walk around without taking their glasses off.

2. Hoya iD Screen: Designed for those who work on a computer but also need to see 8-10 feet away, such as across their desk.

3. Single Vision Near Lenses: Designed for those who only need to see their computer and desk and do not have a need to remove the glasses for intermediate or distance vision throughout the day.

Our licensed opticians will help you make the right choice for lenses that will meet your specific vision needs on the computer and throughout the day!

Most of us experience eye strain throughout the day due to overuse of smartphones, computers, and other devices. The good news is, we can add an invisible boost of lens power to the bottom of your glasses that relax your eyes and help you see comfortably at near! Their are several brands of dynamic lenses like the Essilor EyeZen, Shamir Relax, and the Hoya Sync. Our go-to is the Hoya Sync, as it provides customization for individual patients.

The Hoya Sync lens has your distance prescription in the top of the lens with a small, invisible boost of power at the bottom of the lens that relaxes your eyes when using a device. The Hoya Sync lens can be customized by our optician and doctor to meet near demands of different people. A 38 year old may need a different sync lens than an 11 year old and Sync gives us that flexibility!

Light Adaptive lenses help reduce eye strain and glare associated with light sensitivity and harsh light. They do this by changing color based on the ambient light. They can quickly change from clear lenses to a dark color (brown, gray, green, and more!) when you go outside and return to clear when you walk inside!

We offer the latest technology in light adaptive lenses from Transitions brand and Hoya Sensity. Both offer incredible options and wide range of colors and lens appearances. Our skilled opticians will help you determine which lens is right for your lifestyle and will look best in your frame!

Prescription sunglasses not only make your vision clearer and more comfortable, but they also help protect your eye against UV damage that results in diseases like Macular Degeneration and premature cataracts.

Sunglasses can be both polarized and non-polarized. Non-polarized lenses simply makek everything darker while polarized lenses also filter light and eliminate glare to give you better clarity. We always recommend polarized lenses, especially if the sunglasses are worn while driving.

Sunglass lenses can be cut to fit any frame and come in a wide range of colors and options. Common colors include gray, brown, green, and blue, but the sky is the limit! Other treatments like mirror coatings and antireflective coatings can make your sunglasses completely customized.

Lenses can quickly become thick and heavy, depending on your prescription and the type of lens that you select. Fortunately, there are several ways to make heavy lenses lighter!

The most common two ways we can lighten lenses are by changing the material the are made with and expertly selecting frames to minimize the lens size. Lens materials include CR39, Polycarbonate, Trivex, Phoenix, and higher index lenses like 1.60, 1.67, and 1.70.  Our highly experienced opticians will help you pick a frame and lens combination to minimize the weight of your lenses and make you look your best!

We recommend Anti Reflective (AR) Coatings on all lenses we sell. That’s because they help you look better and see better! Check out all the benefits of AR coatings:

1. Makes lenses look invisible rather than reflective. Helps others see your eyes better.

2. Reduces glare from computers, headlights, and overhead lights, making vision more comfortable.

3. Makes lenses easier to clean. Quality AR coatings are oil resistance, dust resistance, smudge resistance, and water repellent.

4. Includes scratch coating and warranty.

All AR Coatings are not made equal and we only offer the highest quality AR coatings available on the market. Our licensed optician will talk to you about which AR coating is right for you at your visit.

Blue Light is the harsh, bright light that screens like smartphones and computers emit. It causes eye strain, glare, and can even lead to headaches. New technology has allowed us to add special coatings to our lenses that filter out blue light. These coatings are great for those who work on a computer throughout the day!

We use both Recharge and Prevencia brand blue blocking coatings in our office. They both work great at blocking blue light and have all the benefits of a traditional AR coating. Our knowledgeable optician will help you decide if a blue blocking AR coating is right for your lenses!