Here are a few ways to make sure that your new pair of glasses lasts til next year’s appointment!

1. Only clean the lenses with a cleaning cloth or soft cotton fabric. Paper products like tissues (even the soft ones!), napkins, etc make micro scratches in the lenses that damages them permanently.

2. Don’t leave your glasses in the car. Cars around Paducah can reach over 150 degrees in the summer. These extreme temps can make the coatings on your lenses degrade. This includes your designer sunwear!

3. Don’t cook in them. Popping grease, steam, and hot temps all will cause serious damage to your lenses. Wear an old pair!

4. Use the case. Remember: If they’re not on your FACE, they’re in your CASE! Most damage to glasses happens when the person isn’t wearing them.

5. Remove with two hands. Even though you may look dramatic doing it, taking your glasses off with one hand puts stress on the hinge opposite of the side you grab. This repeated wear will reduce the life-span of the glasses significantly.


There you have it! A good pair of glasses is like a piece of jewelry: you have to take care of it!



Rebecca Montgomery operates the optical boutique at West End Eye Care. The boutique offers designer glasses, designer sunglasses, and the most advanced lens options. Rebecca is a frame stylist with years of experience finding the perfect pair of glasses for each individual’s personal style.